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Mdluli Storytellers

One sure thing that binds South Africans, even those living all across the world, are our stories of the bush. 

How many conversations, even amongst strangers, start with “Remember the time when….” and from there follows stories about the time we went to Kuger for the first time as a child, got charged by an elephant, sat around the fire telling stories, had a flat tyre, squashed in the back of the Volksie bus, braai’d marshmallows under the open sky, saw a lion climb a tree to get the leopard’s kill… and so the list goes on. 

One can’t help but smile when telling – and hearing – these stories.

The Kruger gives us this blank page to write our stories and re-read them when we long for those treasured moments.

But we only get to share them with the people we’re on safari with and our close circle.

What if we could share them further?

That is why we are launching Mdluli Storytellers – because at the heart of who we are is an incredible story of people and places.

Mdluli Storytellers is our way of sharing our story through different perspectives.⁠

Over the next year we’ll be inviting different Storytellers to share Mdluli through their own eyes – their love of adventure, art, music, food, conservation, or even fashion. ⁠

Our first Storyteller is Nicole Austin, adventurer extraordinaire!⁠

She’s heading to the lodge in the next few weeks, and taking with her 3 surprise VIP guests who have NEVER been to Kruger before – and maybe you too!

If you want to join our first Mdluli Storyteller @NicoleAustin, and her 3 VIP guests for their FIRST EVER Kruger experience, enter below. 

Enter on Instagram or Facebook.

Get your bags packed, because if you win you’ll get getting the trip of a lifetime this October.

Citizen Watches are coming with us on our journey with extra spoils from their #EcoDrive collection. 

May we celebrate our different perspectives and unite in the stories that bind us.

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Mdluli Storytellers

Mdluli Storytellers is our way of sharing our story through different perspectives.⁠

May we celebrate our different perspectives and unite in the stories that bind us.

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