By day, it’s lush green vistas as far as your eye can see.



It’s 4pm.
Time to climb aboard your game vehicle and experience the bush in some of its most magical hours. Breathe in the crisp, cool air, drink in hand, as you stop off for sundowners. Then as the sun disappears in the distance, witness as a whole other nocturnal world awakens;

Hippos emerge from the water, ready for hours of grazing. Lions, leopards and hyena ready themselves for the hunt. Buffalo, kudu and wildebeest and are feeding. Rhinos become more active. The owls hoot, and the jackals sing.



The unmistakable smells of the bush;
The popcorn aroma of a leopard’s territorial marking, the potato bush, …
the delicious food waiting for you on your return to the lodge. 



Dining under African’s finest  star-studded sky. 
An authentic boma dinner. Fire pits. Open flame cooking. The backdrop of the softy-lit bush.




Your luxury tent.
Pure silence, broken only by lions’ roars and hyenas calling. The wind blowing against the canvas of your tent. 



Nature at its very best.