Truly magic. Truly unique. Truly Mdluli

We invite you to join us in experiencing this uniquely African lodge. It is a privilege to wake up to the sweeping vistas of the Kruger National Park. There aren’t many other places on Earth more captivating. Come see Africa’s Big 5, and leave knowing your visit has a far-reaching positive impact on the vitality of the Mdluli Community.

Head out for an early morning game drive, when the roads are quiet, the big cats are hunting their prey, and the nocturnal animals are getting ready to turn in for the day.

Return to the lodge for a refreshing dip in the pool as you watch a herd of elephant amble past, just 50m away.

Climb to the top of the expansive rock formation, sit back and let the magic of the African sky take your breath away as the sun sets over the Park. This is the peacefulness of the African bush, with nothing but the sound of crickets chirping in the distance.

Enjoy open air dining under the highway of stars, the smell of the potjie simmering, while sharing stories and laughter around the crackling flames of the boma fire.

Kuhamba kubona
(Travelling opens ones eyes)

- Siswati proverb

project history

It’s taken years of dedication towards the realisation of this project. A development like this is dependent on establishing a harmonious relationship between tourism, environment and community. Mdluli Safari Lodge is a blueprint for best practice community development projects in South Africa.


The lodge is a partnership between the Mdluli Royal Family and Community and Grovest Venture Capital. The project is committed to generating direct financial benefits and significant socio-economic impact for the Mdluli Community. The project is anchored in the belief that we have a responsibility to uplift and upskill the members of the community, as well as the upgrade basic infrastructure, sanitation and schools.

Over the course of a two-decade battle over land restitution, the Mdluli Community reclaimed ownership of the 2100 acres (or 850 hectares) of land from which they were forcibly removed during South Africa’s Apartheid era in the 1960s. The Mdluli Trust now have freehold title to the 850 hectares of land, inside the borders of the Kruger National Park.

Through a thriving hospitality venture on this reclaimed land, the community will be able to share its rich culture and protect its valuable natural resources for generations to come. Furthermore, the lodge aims to improve the state of schools, roads, and clinics, as well as eradicate poverty through education, job training, and employment opportunities.

“I am really excited about this project which was started 20 years ago by our late father, Inkhosi MZ Mdluli. 

It was his vision to see the Royal Family and the entire Mdluli Community benefiting through education and community development. I took over where he left off and I am committed in ensuring that under my leadership and guidance, his vision becomes a reality.

Through this project, I undertake to bring stability and social cohesion in the Community, and I also remain convinced that the children of the royal family and the Mdluli Community shall go to universities. Schools, roads and clinics shall be upgraded, and poverty shall be eradicated through the creation of skills and employment opportunities”.

– Inkhosi MI Mdluli

Chief, Mdluli Community

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