For us at home, it’s been a time of great stress, uncertainty and fear. In effort to combat our heightened states so many of us have sought out our own internal lockdown solace, be it through exercise, daily meditations, or group video connections. We’ve been forced to find space and silence within our own four walls. 

Soon the fog will lift, and our lives will return to a new normal. But before we fall back into adopting old rhythms and routines, congested intersections and noisy shopping malls, we should consider a transition. A return to nature, her abundance and vast openness of space. A personal rejuvenation, a cleanse. Sojourning to the calm of the Park, and embracing her silence as we heal and transition out of our own personal internal containment and angst. 

A return to nature has a profound scientific effect on our well being. A 15 minute walk in nature causes measurable changes to our physiology. A happiness effect. Some countries are promoting time in nature as a public health policy. 

We need to open after being so closed. To recalibrate our senses – the early morning African sky sunrise, the smell of the potato bush at dusk, the crickets chirping. Therein lies the innate wisdom of nature’s healing powers. Never before, and never again will we get to experience a post-lockdown Kruger.