Being located in the heart of one of South Africa’s most prized locations, Kruger National Park means that we have adopted a responsibility to care for, protect and preserve our precious surroundings.




Together we have initiated and launched a partnership with Davidé Bomben (President of the Italian Association of African Experts in Anti-poaching) and II Diamanté (the largest tour operator in Italy promoting South Africa) – to train and equip rangers from within the Mdluli Community in the fight against rhino poaching. Rigorous training, genuine interest and passion have contributed to the success fo this partnership.  




Thus far, €10 000 has been raised in training these Mdluli Community rangers, supplying equipment and uniforms and actively funding them to combat poaching. 




This is a remarkable initiative and just a glance at how authentic and far reaching this partnership is. We want to use our position as a luxury lodge to communicate to a wide audience, both local and international the importance of conservation. We aim to instill deep respect to these creatures for generations to come.


Click below to hear a special message from Davidé Bomben.