Proudly introducing #MyFieldGuide

A week ago we launched our #MyFieldGuide initiative – inviting you to virtually journey into the bush with our expert field guides and experience Kruger with us – no matter where you are! 

Each month you get to be part of our bush adventures by asking our guides your questions.

Then we’ll head out on a game drive or bush walk, get your questions answered, and share the footage with you!

Let’s meet #MyFieldGuide Matt Lailvaux


Matt has been a field guide with Echo Africa for the past three years.

His favourite animal? Leopard 🙂

“I’ve always wanted to be a guide since a very young age. It all started in Kenya when I lived there for a few years and got exposed to all the great wildlife areas that the world has to offer. My favourite animal is a leopard because it was the first animal I saw in Nairobi National Park. I love spending time in the bush and showing people all it has to offer. It’s not always about the big sightings, but also appreciating how everything has its own role and works in  perfectly.

Our expert field guide – Matt Lailvaux enjoyed answering all your questions and these were his favourites:

1. Do you prefer a bush walk or a game drive?

I prefer a bush walk, because you get to walk where the cars haven’t been, you get to enjoy the bush on foot and talk about everything in-depth without speeding around to look for animals – it’s a completely different & unique experience.

2. What is your dream sighting?

My dream sighting would be to see a Pangolin 🙂

3. Can elephants have twins and what is the likelihood that both calves would survive?

Yes, a female elephant can definitely have twins however it is very rare and there are only a few records thereof. The survival rate of the twins depends on how experienced she is to look after two as well as the area in terms of food and resources. But it is highly likely that both would survive.

Here’s a snippet of some of our moments with Matt!

Take a look at some of the exceptional sightings we had!

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