Close your eyes and imagine waking up at 4 am, before the sun has even touched the earth, embarking on a long journey that has been a daily routine for generations. This 10km walk leads you to the nearest water source. Not only is the journey unsafe, the water you collect is too – but this is your only option. 

Now think of your everyday life, you wake up at 6 am, greeted by the soft rays of the morning sun. Your day begins with a leisurely stretch and a big chug of water from the glass by your bedside. You head to your bathroom for a steaming hot shower to start off your day. Clean, fresh water flowing effortlessly.

Water may seem like an expected basic human right, but the harsh reality is that 19% of South Africans lack access to reliable water in their homes, schools and even clinics. The task of collecting water often falls to women or children, who wake up early in the morning or late at night, taking up their time where they could be at work or studying.

Everyone should have easy access to water. Water brings new life and hope. 
We believe that luxury tourism in South Africa is not just providing guests with an exceptional stay but also facilitating their part in changing the lives of those in South Africa’s poorest communities.

Mdluli Safari Lodge was developed with the vision of sustainably improving the lives and infrastructure of the 45,000-member Mdluli Community, who live across 4 villages, Makoko, Bhekiswayo, Salubindza and Nyongane.

After a long battle of land restitution, today the Community has freehold title of these 850 hectares of land inside the iconic Kruger National Park on which the lodge is built.

The connections between the lodge and the Community are broad and deep. Each one demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our partnership. The initiatives made possible by the lodge’s operations have a multiplier effect in realising our long-term vision.

In 2023, we sponsored the development of a borehole in the Mdluli village of Makoko, with over 3,800 inhabitants. The system is a sustainable source of water and generates its own ecosystem of possibility and opportunity. The borehole has been drilled to more than 80m, yielding over 2 litres of water every second and 60,000 litres of water each day to the Community and was built by Innovation: Africa

10 members of the Makoko Village were trained and remunerated for the construction of the borehole, providing them with the ongoing skills and development to continue maintaining the borehole for years to come. 

Not only is this initiative about accessing water, but it’s a beacon of hope that will change the course of lives and the destiny of an entire community.

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Hope through water: The Ripple Effect

The borehole is more than just a water source; it’s a project that provides limitless potential. 

As the water flows and the dust settles, opportunities of growth in the Community cascade to agriculture, small businesses development, and job creation.

The Mdluli Borehole Project had kindled a transformation that surpassed quenching of thirst; it has breathed life into dreams and potential. 

Feel good and leave something good behind; because you choose to stay with us, you contribute to initiatives like these, creating a long-lasting positive impact on the Mdluli Community